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You are an engineer exploring the job market?

You have come to the right place. Sinclair Smith & Associates have been successfully recruiting and placing engineers into industry since 1968.

What makes Sinclair-Smith & Associates different from other employment agencies?

We are a personalized recruiting company that is still run very actively by the founder Michael Sinclair-Smith who over the last 40 years has built up an enviable reputation for effective, ethical recruiting in the field of engineering and engineering management.

Do we have the expertise and knowledge to understand the technicalities of your profession?

Sinclair-Smith & Associates is a company that performs extensive, specialized recruiting in many industries. We have placed engineers in all functions, at all levels and in almost every industry. Whatever your background we will have some experience in that area. For a detailed list please see Classifications on the home page.

Who do we have to recommend us?

Our best recommendations come from people like you who have used our services and been happy with the results.

“On a scale of fifty recruiters/agencies I have dealt with since last August, you are the only one who has the right connections and made it happen…. Meeting you made my life easier and I cannot thank you enough.”
Mark Greene

“I have fond recollections of the high level of professionalism your firm brought to my recruitment by Noranda.”
Gordon Broderick

Can you trust us to handle your file with discretion and privacy?

Most certainly. We do not send out resumes in profusion to our clients. For your safety, we first make sure there is no connection between your present employer and our client before we contact them and review your background. If they are interested, we then call you to ascertain your interest and take it further.

Is there any fee to be covered by our services?

No fees are ever charged to applicants. All fees are paid by our clients.